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Speedrun: Only Climb Up

Speedrun: Only Climb Up

Also available on: Google Play Store, Apple App Store

"Speedrun: Only Climb Up" promises an exhilarating vertical adventure, blending platforming challenges with a surreal urban dreamscape. Here's a detailed breakdown of the game's features and instructions for players:


  1. Diverse Characters: Players can choose from a variety of characters, each with its own unique style, including Boy, Girl, Male, Female, Halloween Monster, and Gorilla.
  2. Save Points: Throughout the climb, checkpoints are strategically placed to allow players to save their progress as they ascend.
  3. Collectible Coins: Coins are scattered along the path, which players can collect to unlock additional characters, gliders, and exclusive glider skins.
  4. Innovative Gliders: Gliders add a strategic element to the climb, allowing players to soar across gaps or safely navigate tricky areas.
  5. Interactive Environment: The environment is rich with interactive elements, from opening chest boxes to vaulting over obstacles, ensuring a dynamic gameplay experience.
  6. Dynamic Controls: Players can navigate using the intuitive WASD control scheme, with additional controls such as tapping 'F' to release gliders mid-air and 'E' to open treasure troves.

Embark on this vertical adventure in "Speedrun: Only Climb Up" and challenge yourself to conquer the heights of the urban landscape. With its diverse characters, innovative gameplay mechanics, and dynamic controls, the sky is just the beginning of your ascent.

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