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Merge to Santa

Merge to Santa

Also available on: Google Play Store, Apple App Store

Merge to Santa is a whimsical and festive puzzle game that combines the joy of the holiday season with engaging merge mechanics. Players embark on a magical journey, guiding a sleigh through a wonderland to collect and merge festive elements. From cherries to snowflakes and stockings to gingerbread cookies, each element brings the player closer to the ultimate goal—Santa himself!


  • Control your sleigh to start with certain elements.
  • Swipe to move, release to drop items onto matches and merge.
  • Aim for combos for points.
  • Merge to progress and unlock Santa.
  • Use power-ups to aid in your strategy.
  • Win by unlocking Santa and earn special power-ups.

  • Engaging merge mechanics set in a vibrant holiday theme.
  • A variety of charming Christmas elements to merge, including seasonal favorites like Christmas trees and Santa.
  • Intuitive controls for seamless gameplay on touch devices.
  • Strategic power-ups to enhance the merging experience:
    • Bomb: Creates a shake effect to bring matching elements together.
    • Hammer: Clears smaller elements to make room for strategic moves.
    • Rainbow: Introduces a wildcard element that can merge with any other.
  • Visually rich graphics and joyful music to get players in the holiday spirit.
  • Family-friendly content suitable for players of all ages.
  • Progressive difficulty with each level, offering a challenging yet satisfying experience.
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