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Dragon Hunter

Dragon Hunter

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"Dragon Hunter - Monster World" is a thrilling action game that takes players on a grand adventure to hunt and battle mythical creatures. This game is ideal for those who relish the challenge of facing legendary beasts and the excitement of mastering a diverse arsenal of weapons.

Detailed Information:

  • Epic Quest and Goal: Embark on an epic quest to hunt down various mythical creatures. Earn gold to upgrade your weapons and prepare yourself to face legendary challenges in two engaging game modes: Survival and Contracts.
  • Diverse Arsenal of Weapons:
    • Pistol: Start your journey with a basic pistol.
    • SMG, Shotgun, AR, LMG, and Sniper: Unlock and wield a range of powerful weapons, each offering unique advantages against mystical foes.
    • Upgrades: Enhance your weapons' firepower and accuracy as you progress, preparing yourself for increasingly formidable mythical creatures.
  • Gold and Upgrades: Slay mythical beasts and complete contracts to accumulate gold. Use this gold to purchase new weapons and upgrade your existing arsenal, boosting your defensive and offensive capabilities.
  • Game Modes:
    • Contracts: Undertake 50 distinct missions, each with a specific target number of dragons to defeat, including challenging boss battles for bonus gold.
    • Survival: Test your endurance against waves of mythical creatures. Aim to maximize your dragon kills and survive as long as possible.
  • Mythical Creatures: Encounter various mythical adversaries, including ground and air dragons of varying sizes and difficulty levels. Face challenges from Griffins, Manticores, Trolls, Vampires, and the formidable boss dragon, capable of breathing fire.
  • Dynamic Hunting Experience: The variety of creatures and the challenging environments promise a dynamic and immersive hunting experience.
  • Unity Version: Developed on Unity 2022.3.12f1, ensuring a cutting-edge gaming experience.
  • Platforms: Available on Android and iOS, providing a broad audience reach.

"Dragon Hunter - Monster World" offers a captivating blend of action, strategy, and adventure. Whether you are strategically planning your attacks in Contracts mode or fighting for survival against endless waves of mythical creatures, this game promises an exhilarating and rewarding experience for all action-game enthusiasts.

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