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Crosswords Puzzle

Crosswords Puzzle

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"Crosswords Puzzle - Word Game" offers a classic and engaging experience for word game enthusiasts and puzzle lovers. This game challenges players to test their vocabulary and problem-solving skills by solving crossword puzzles with clever clues.

Detailed Information:

  • Goal: The primary objective is to solve the crossword puzzles using the given clues. Each word in the puzzle is accompanied by a primary clue and an alternate clue, offering players different angles to approach the solution.
  • Volumes and Difficulty Levels: The game features a total of 7 volumes, each with a set number of puzzles:
    • Volumes 1-2: Categorized as 'easy' difficulty, ideal for beginners or those looking for a relaxed play. Volume 1 includes 12 puzzles.
    • Volumes 3-4: Set at 'medium' difficulty, offering a moderate challenge. Each of these volumes contains 30 puzzles.
    • Volumes 5-7: Designed for those who seek a more challenging experience with 'hard' difficulty levels. Each of these volumes also comprises 30 puzzles.
  • Puzzle Tracking and Continuation: In the puzzle selection menu, players can track their progress and the time taken to complete each puzzle. The game also allows players to continue from where they last left off, ensuring a seamless puzzle-solving experience.
  • Coins and Trophies: Completing words in puzzles rewards players with coins and trophies. These coins can be used strategically to reveal letters or entire words, which is particularly helpful for tougher puzzles. If players find themselves stuck, they can even use coins to reveal the entire puzzle.
  • Engaging and Brain-Teasing: "Crosswords Puzzle - Word Game" is designed to be entertaining and mentally stimulating, making it an excellent choice for players who enjoy testing their vocabulary and cognitive skills.
  • Unity Version: Developed on Unity 2022.3.12f1, ensuring a cutting-edge gaming experience.
  • Platforms: Available on Android and iOS, providing a broad audience reach.

"Crosswords Puzzle - Word Game" is more than just a game; it's a journey through the world of words, offering an enjoyable and educational experience. Whether you are a crossword aficionado or new to word puzzles, this game will surely provide hours of brain-teasing fun.

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