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Bicycle Stunts

Bicycle Stunts

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A rush of adrenaline, a test of skills! "Bicycle Stunts: BMX Bike Games" is an exhilarating mobile game combining high-speed biking and daring stunts. Navigate through challenging terrains and perform spectacular aerial tricks to reach your destination. Each BMX rider and bicycle choice offers a unique gameplay experience, perfect for thrill-seekers and biking enthusiasts.

Detailed Information:

  • Environments: Three distinct chapters - Desert, Forest, and Autumn Woods.
  • Levels: A total of 15 levels, offering increasing difficulty and variety.
  • BMX Riders and Bicycles: Eight different riders and a selection of bicycles, allowing for personalized gaming experiences.
  • Gameplay: Engaging stunts such as 360 spins, front and back flips, and challenging obstacles, including saw blades and trap cutters.
  • Objective: Complete each level by reaching the destination within time while showcasing stunt skills.


  • Unity Version: 2022.3.12f1
  • Plugins: ATT(iOS), Firebase Analytics, AdMob Ads, In-App Purchases
  • Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Downloads: 1m+ on Google Play, 2m+ on App Store
  • Total Revenue: 90K+$

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